prodigy hide & seek

This app brings the real joy of the classic hide-and-seek game to touch screen.

It was designed specifically for our elementary school kids and their families.

A mouse has moved into a cake factory. But the factory owner has a cat guarding it. Once in a while, the cat patrols the factory. Each time the cat comes, the mouse has only several seconds of warning beforehand and must hide in a safe place . . .


In this cute 3D environment, caves and tunnels are the mouse’s favorite places to hide. Children need to use their brain power to solve math puzzles in order to open cave and tunnel doors. The puzzles are designed to align with common core standards, and include counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The app deploys an adaptive algorithm so that it can automatically detect proper skill levels of each player.


In this mode, two players can play against each other on two devices connected through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Use hilarious magic tools to gain an advantage over your opponent. Whether the mouse switches off room lighting and the cat turns on her flashlight, or the cat switches on her radar and the mouse releases his decoy mice, the interaction between players are super fun.


Almost everyone in the family can play. Kids love to play hide-and-seek with their parents or grandparents, and vice versa. This game is for those from 5 to 105!

This game is free to play, including caves and all the math puzzles. The 2-player mode, magic tools and tunnels are available with additional in-app purchases.